Information For

Out of State Applicants

Certificate of Clearance

Applicants whose residence is outside California and who cannot be fingerprinted in California must submit the following:

a. A completed application (form 41-4) by mail. Select Certificate of Clearance from the drop-down box in Section 2.

b. Application processing fee of $35.00

c. Two completed fingerprint cards (FD-258). Attach these to the application form in lieu of a LiveScan receipt. There is an additional $49.00 fee to process fingerprint cards, in addition to the application processing fee of $35.00. To order fingerprint cards, send a request via email to providing your name and address along with “fingerprint cards” noted in the subject line. See Credential Leaflet CL-271 for more information on fingerprint cards and processing.

Basic Skills Requirement

To fulfill the Basic Skills Requirement, out-of-state applicants must complete the Basic Skills Exam for their state. For a list of approved out-of-state exams click here.