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Speech-Language Clinic

Program Director:     Suzanne Moineau, Ph.D, CCC/SLP

Clinical Director:       Kristen Nahrstedt, M.A., CCC/SLP

Supervisor:               Laura Coca, M.A., CCC/SLP     

Location:                  135 Vallecitos de Oro, Suite D
                                 San Marcos, CA 92069

The CSUSM Speech-Language Clinic provides services to individuals with neurological impairments to improve speech/language/cognitive skills. Graduate students provide individualized services under the guidance and supervision of state-licensed and nationally certified speech-language pathologists to approximately 100 individuals annually. Our goal is to provide functional speech-language therapy with a focus on promoting wellness, therefore improving our clients' overall quality of life. When providing treatment, we keep family, caregiver, and client preferences in mind, and use an evidence-based practice approach.

The CSUSM Speech-Language Clinic offers individual and group therapy to adults with communication impairments in the fall, spring, and summer. The clinic offers a variety of specialty clinics that reflet the expertise of our faculty in both pediatric and adult populations. Please contac the clinic for additional information.

Equitable Treatment of Clients and Families:

The Department of Speech-Language Pathology at CSU San Marcos does not discriminate in provision of services to clients and families on the basis of sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, national or ethnic origin, disability, age, genetic information, citizenship, or status as a covered veteran in its education programs or activities.

Each month the clients and student clinicians write and produce a newsletter. Here is the latest issue of The Wave. It is created and edited by one of our clients and advisory board members, Dave Valiulis.

Clinic Forms

The Speech-Language Clinic will accept completed paperwork via mail, email or hand carried to the clinic.

1. Clinic Intake Form
2. Consent to Treat
3. Release of Liability
4. Directions to Clinic

The CSUSM Speech-Language Clinic is compliant with the Privacy Rule of HIPAA. Our HIPPA Summary of Patient Privacy is availabie here Summary of Patient Privacy (HIPAA)


Testimonial #1

When I first started going to the adult CSUSM clinic, I had very modest expectations. After all, I had been taking speech therapy for almost 2 years after my stroke, so I thought I was an expert! Happily, I was wrong.

I had forgotten about the energy and enthusiasm that youth can bring.  I had forgotten about the openness and willingness that being a student can bring. And I had forgotten about what kind of person goes into a field that requires so much patience, kindness, and empathy.

In other words, the adult clinic was not only a chance for improving my speech, but also to chance to meet one of the most dedicated and resourceful group of students I have ever met.


Testimonial #2

Doug has been attending the Clinic at the Department of Speech-Language Pathology, College of Education, Health and Human Services at CSMSU for the last 6 semesters. 

Doug is a highly motivated individual who suffered a stroke September 2009.  Prior to the stroke, Doug owned and ran a successful landscape maintenance and construction company.  From a very early age he has been someone to look up to for leadership skills.  Two skills used in leadership are critical thinking and communication.  These two skills were completely lost to Doug after the stroke. 

With the help of speech therapy that he receives at CSUSM, Doug has regained a significant portion of those skills.  With the use of the specialized tools introduced to Doug through therapy, he is better equipped to achieve his goal of independence.

The student therapist, without exception, have all treated Doug with kindness and an attention to detail.  I have been asked several times, what I would like to see him achieve through therapy.  The clinic takes the family of the student into consideration when creating a treatment plan, which can only come from the top. 

Kristen Nahrstedt, MA, CCC-SLP the clinic director, instills in her student therapists the need for care and attention critical to creating a successful path for students with communication disabilities.

Kathleen Murray  (Doug’s Wife)

Testimonial #3

I can't thank you enough for your guidance for John this past semester. You are a great communicator and a proactive, creative influence in John¹s progress toward improved speech. The Dracula powerpoint is certainly the icing on the cake! I can't wait to have him give his speech to our family.

Best wishes to you in your career, which I'm sure will be exceptional. I'm sorry I didn't meet you in person, but your influence on John's development soared without any help from me.  You're a gem, and I hope our paths will cross someday soon.

We are so grateful for the clinic and you wonderful students.  Thank you. Thank you!

Hallie (John’s Sister)