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Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the MBA (Specialized Accelerated) program will be able to:

  • Knowledge

    • Demonstrate knowledge of core business concepts, models, and theories in the areas of management, marketing, operations management, management information systems, accounting, and finance. 

    • Select the proper tactical tools, theories and methodologies to use for approaching solutions to strategic problems.

  • Skills

    • Apply knowledge of tactical tools, theories, and methodologies in solving business problems through rigorous case studies and projects.
    • Analyze quantitative and qualitative data to critical argument and decisions.
    • Present data-driven decisions through effective oral and written communication. 
  • Behaviors

    • Demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively in team projects as participants and as leaders.
    • Identify potential areas of ethical conflicts and offer solutions to them.
    • Evaluate the ramifications of strategic decisions in a global context.