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Program Outcomes and Courses

The Program


Program Goals:  Goals of the M.S. Program in Kinesiology align with the recent trend in this discipline to examine effects of lifestyle change such as exercise on onset and severity of chronic disease, and will include:

  • To prepare students to become expert scholars and professionals in exercise, physical activity and sport, health promotion, rehabilitation, and other related disciplines

  • To provide students a student-centered and innovative curriculum offered by faculty who are experts in their field

  • To engage students in various research opportunities in and out of the classroom

  • To become a leader in the preparation of graduate students in Kinesiology in the San Diego County region

Program Student Learning Outcomes:  Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:
  • Understand the role of exercise and physical activity to reduce onset and severity of chronic disease through examination of evidence-based content

  • Demonstrate and master applied laboratory and measurement skills commonly   used in Kinesiology

  • Demonstrate proficiency in public speaking, data analysis, and scientific writing

  • Understand the origins of human movement and its relation to health and physical activity

  • Design, acquire, and disseminate results as demonstrated by successful completion of a Thesis

Required Courses


KINE 500:  Advanced Biomechanics (4)

KINE 501:  Advanced Motor Control (4)

KINE 502:  Research Methods (3)

KINE 503:  Advanced Statistical Analysis (3); prerequisite = KINE 502

KINE 506, 507, and 508:  Seminar in Kinesiology (2) I - III to be taken 3 times for total of 6 units

KINE 510:  Physical Education Methods (3)

KINE 524:  Public Health (3)

KINE 526:  Advanced Exercise Physiology (4)

KINE 595:  Practicum (3)

KINE 698:  Thesis (3)