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Masters of Kinesiology

The M.S. Program in Kinesiology is a 36-unit program characterized by innovative coursework and robust laboratory experiences.  The program will prepare graduates to enter careers requiring a master’s degree or initiate doctoral study in allied health (e.g. physical therapy), exercise physiology, biomechanics, or other related fields.  Led by top-notch faculty, students will actively participate in hands-on learning in the classroom and laboratory.  The program requires students to complete a thesis and is designed to strengthen the breadth and depth of students’ content knowledge and applied skills in kinesiology and its subdisciplines. Graduates will be prepared for work in various fields including worksite health promotion, clinical exercise physiology, cardiac rehabilitation, commercial fitness, public/private or non-profit health agencies, chronic disease prevention in community settings, teaching/coaching at the community college level, independent research in the field of specialization, or continued graduate study at doctoral-granting institutions.

As a program, we are committed to providing our students individualized attention by keeping class size under 12 students. The cohort-based model will guarantee each admitted student a seat in every class in the program. Our new Human Performance Laboratory provides students a state-of-the-art facility in which to learn and conduct hypothesis-driven research for projects.

A cohort is a group of students who work through a curriculum together to achieve the same academic degree. Because they are accepted into the same program, take their classes together, and graduate together, students in cohorts tend to form a strong support system and professional network that benefit them during their degree program and beyond.

 *This progam is pending CSU approval

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