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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to send CSUSM my GRE scores before I am admitted to the program?

Yes. The scores for your General GRE must be received before the first day of class for formal admittance You may begin the process of applying, and we can review your application without the GRE scores, but you must take the exam and get the scores sent to us before you can be admitted to the program.

Where do I have my official General GRE scores sent?

When you are still in the GRE Testing Center, and the system asks you where you want your scores sent, you can choose different schools by name or code. There are several codes for CSUSM (different departments), but the correct code for this program code is: 4626- CSUSM MS Biotech.

If you have an unopened official copy of your GRE scores, the mailing address is:

Attn: Extended Learning, MBt
333 South Twin Oaks Valley Road
San Marcos, CA 92096-0001

What happens if my official General GRE scores were sent to an incorrect code at CSUSM?

If your GRE scores were sent to an incorrect institution/department code, please contact Extended Learning immediately via email at

Do all of the required documents have to be mailed to your office?

No, not all of the required documents have to be mailed to our office-

Documents accepted as email attachments are:
  • Your personal statement
  • Your letters of recommendation

Note: The person recommending the applicant must sign the letter, provide their contact information, and email the letter as an attachment that has been scanned. The correct email address to send the documents to Extended Learning at

If I graduated from CSUSM, do I still need to send in official transcripts?

If you took classes at or graduated from CSUSM, we will be able to pull up your CSUSM grades on our system once your Program Application is received.
If you attended any colleges or universities prior to attending CSUSM, transcript copies may be in our system but please email your advisor to verify this before omitting your official transcript requirement.
However, if you graduated from CSUSM and later attended courses at other colleges or universities, you need to send in official transcripts from these institutions.

I'm an international student - Who do I work with on my student status/admission at CSUSM?
All program requirements and correspondence are handled directly at Extending Learning Services. Contact information can be found on the "Contact Us" link in the left side navigation column.

How do I request Financial Aid?
Go to the "Student Services" link. Scroll down to the "Financial Aid and Scholarships" section. Visit the Financial Aid and Scholarships office website at or call 760.750.4850 with any questions.

Why may I not apply to the program via CSU Mentor?
CSU Mentor will be accessible to applicants that have been formally admitted into the program. More information will be given to you after you have been formally admitted.