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 Classes in Carlsbad: 

  • A Retrospective of the Cold War
  • Art Appreciation:  Artists and Their Creative Processes (Why and How)
  • Distinguished Lecture Series
  • Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Music
  • From Cave Paintings to Gothic Cathedrals
  • Fun with Watercolor
  • Meet The Local Winemakers-Series 1-Temecula
  • Meet The Local Winemakers-Series 2-SanDiego/Ramona/Highland Hills Area
  • Songs of the Sea:  The Traditional Maritime Songs of Ireland, Scotland, Britain, and North America
  • The Armchair Traveler
  • The Manhattan Project

Classes in Escondido:

  • Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Music

Classes in Oceanside:

  • Purple Sails at the End of the World: The Story of the Ancient Phoenicians 
  • Tales of 1492: The Triumph and Tragedy of Christopher Columbus
  • Wanderings Without End: The Lost Conquistadors
  • War Elephants and Sacred Warriors: The Empire of Ancient Carthage

Classes in Rancho Santa Fe

  • Art from 1850 to the Present Day
  • Liberty, Equality and Fraternity: The Epic of the French Revolution
  • The Rise and Fall of Napoleon Bonaparte

Classes in San Marcos

  • Art:  Create Original Paintings with Acrylics
  • Art:  Drawing and Creating Final Art with Pencil, Pastel, and Color Pencil
  • Drought, Dams, and Development: The History of Water Resources in California
  • From Rembrandt to Vermeer to Huygens
  • Great Moments in Cinema 1878-1944
  • Guided Biography
  • Health Matters
  • Oui, je parle français! – A Fun and Interactive French Conversation and Culture Course
  • You Write!

Class in Solana Beach

  • Tutors, Dolls and Clay Yo-yos: Growing up in the Ancient World

Classes in Temecula

  • From Caravaggio to Romanticism
  • History of Western European and American Music from the Early Middle Ages to the 20th Century
  • Select Topics in African History
  • Soldier and Brave: The Plains Indian Wars
  • The Storm that Swept Mexico: Understanding the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920)
  • Tomahawks and Log Stockades; The Forts of the American West
  • War of Eagles: An Unvarnished History of the Mexican-American War

Intersession Discussion Groups

America and the World:  A Diplomatic History (Carlsbad)

Living With Change (Temecula)

The World’s Greatest Geological Wonders (San Marcos)