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 Classes in Carlsbad: 

  • A Study of the Native Grapes of France
  • A Study of the Native Grapes of Italy
  • All About Health
  • Art: It's All About Passion
  • Distinguished Lecture Series:
    • Archaeology of Childbirth
    • Van Gogh's Untold Journey
    • Confessions of a Met Opera Violinist
    • Paranormal Revelations: The Haunted History of the RMS Queen Mary, Rancho Buena Vista Adobe and AVO Theater
    • Foundations of Western Metaphysics: The Hermetic Arts
  • Fun with Watercolor
  • Guided Autobiography
  • ISIS and the Crisis in the Middle East
  • The Art and Architecture of the Renaissance in Europe
  • The California Sound
  • The Fabulous French
  • The Great American Songbook: Enjoy Classic Songs sung by Ella, Sarah, Billie, Frank, and Bing
  • The Nature of Human Aggression
  • The New Economic Landscape: Retirement Strategies to Thrive

Classes in Escondido:

  • The Fabulous French

Classes in Oceanside:

  • ISIS and Islam: The Historical Roots of Extremism in the Islamic World
  • The Storm that Swept Mexico: Understanding the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920)
  • War of Eagles: An Unvarnished History of the Mexican-American War
  • Ways of War: The Limits of Military Power in the Modern World

Classes in San Marcos

  • All About Color--Any Media: I
  • All About Color--Any Media: II
  • Answers to Some of Your Questions About Financial Planning
  • From Rembrandt and Vermeer to Huygens - Art, Science, and Commerce
  • Great Moments in Cinema, 1878-1944
  • Oui, Je Parle Francais!--A Fun and Interactive French Conversation and Culture Course - Intermediate Level
  • Songs of the Sea: The Traditional Maritime Songs of Ireland, Scotland, Britain, and North America
  • The German Churches in the Third Reich
  • The Rise and Fall of the Industrial City: American Urbanization 1870-2000
  • Voices of the South: Flannery O'Connor and the Southern Gothic Fiction
  • What Makes a Film a Classic?
  • You Write!

Class in Solana Beach

  • Adobe Temples and Dancing Kachinas: The Spanish Missions of New Mexico
  • Empire of the Andes: Making Sense of the Incas and Their Monuments
  • Forgotten Empire: Understanding Roman Art and Architecture
  • Islam and the Third Reich: The Strange Saga of Hitler's Muslim Alliance

Classes in Temecula

  • All About Health
  • Art from 1850 to the Present Day
  • Purple Sails at the End of the World: The Story of the Ancient Phoenicians
  • The Great War Remembered: The Story of the First World War
  • The Rise of the Totalitarian States: The Challenge of the New Facist Powers in the 21st Century
  • War Elelphants and Sacred Warriors: The Empire of Ancient Carthage
  • Winston Churchill: Uncommon and Unlikely Man of His Time

Intersession Discussion Groups

The Rise and Fall of China, Part One of Four Part Series  (Carlsbad)

Great American Music: Broadway Musicals (Part One of Two Part Series) (Temecula)

Thinking About Cybersecurity: From Cyber Crime to Cyber Warfare (Part One of Two Part Series) (San Marcos)