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What People Are Saying About Courses at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute:

"Dr. Williams is a dynamic speaker, who keeps the students engaged, and welcomes any and all questions. I only wish I had him for some of my college classes - I might have actually learned something!"

"Great class. Douglas always gives us a good background on the history of the time period and personal information regarding the artist along with a detailed look at some of the artist's pieces."

"Very thought provoking, stimulated thinking, gained greater understanding and appreciation for the men and the non-violent movement."

"I was introduced to books I would never have discovered on my own."

“Loved the way Albert Koetsier included history, politics, and geography into the presentation of the subject, Beethoven and his music.”

“Excellent presentation of a combination of very complex theories and scientific proof.”

“Good in-depth overview of Mideast conflicts. Instruction extremely interesting and knowledgeable on the subject. Good question/answer discussion at the end of class.”

“Very thorough and interesting and fun. Not boring. Her knowledge of history on both sides of the ocean makes a clearer picture of the world at that time.”

“The instructor was the reason this class was so interesting – he was able to put any topics anyone thought up into the subject he was discussing - time flew at each session.”

“Insight and depth of issues – outstanding!”

“This course was both educational and inspiring – a historical review of the Bible.  Pietro made it alive and relevant, usable in daily life – the lessons and interpretations.”

“One of the best courses I have ever taken. Very good participation between instructor and student.”

“Professor Arriaga can explain complicated theories and make them understandable.”

“It is fantastic and I'm learning so much. It is very timely information and Farouk presents it in a very attention grabbing way having first hand knowledge of Iraq."