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Program Requirements

To obtain a California Supplementary Authorization in Computer Concepts and Applications, participants must hold a bachelor's degree. Students must also possess the following computer skills in order to successfully participate in this completely online program:

Computer Skills Required

It is recommended that you be able to perform the following operations on your computer. If you do not have these basic skills, you should consider refraining from taking a course online until you have mastered these competencies.

  • Operate a web browser
  • Bookmark sites in your web browser
  • Download, upload, and install files
  • Access your e-mail account
  • Send and receive e-mail with attachments
  • Use a word processor to create and print documents
  • Use presentation software (such as PowerPoint) to create presentation slides
  • Perform online literature searches

CSA Requirements

In order to obtain a CSA in Computer Concepts and Applications, participants must complete (grade 'C' or better) four, 3-unit, graduate-level courses in Computer Concepts and Applications, offered collaboratively by the College of Education and Extended Learning.

After the completion of the coursework, students may request official CSUSM transcripts and file for the CSA in Computer Concepts with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.