Emergencies Can Occur At Any Time and Without Warning.

Cal State San Marcos has established procedures for you to follow so that the effects of emergency situations can be minimized. Your cooperation is critical to the emergency preparedness efforts of the campus!

Please take the time to review some of the valuable information listed on our web page; if you have questions or concerns contact Robert Williams, Emergency Manager at 760-750-4503 or rwilliam@csusm.edu

San Diego County

 Anthrax Response Drill (POD) Training

 November 16 – 20, 2015

In conjunction with San Diego County Public Health, Cal State San Marcos will be participating in a County Wide Anthrax Response Drill on November 19th at 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 pm. We will be simulating a county wide aerosolized anthrax attack triggering distribution and dispensing of Medical Counter Measures. The drill will include a Detection Phase, Public Information phase, Medication delivery phase, and Dispensing Phase. Our role campus will take place during the Dispensing Phase, we will simulate receiving medications from the County and activate our Emergency Point of Distribution (POD) to dispense medications to our campus community and families.

We’d like to invite the campus community to come out and join us on November 19th between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm. We will set up in Chavez Circle and instead of medications we will be offering various items for the sweet tooth.  Our hope is to get people in line to help simulate the drug dispensing and line control, so if you can work it into your schedule please join us.

Everyone who comes through the line will be eligible to win a 3 day 3 person emergency kit. 


The SoCal region along with CDC and The State of California are conducting a 5 day full scale exercise (FSE) Nov 16 -20, 2015. The FSE will be a simulated aerosolized anthrax attack triggering distribution and dispensing of Medical Counter Measures. The five days will represent approximately a real time 36 hours period.

Day 1 Monday November 16 play from 0800 to 1400
Monday will be the detection and confirmation day. Play will be at the HHSA/DOC in the Rosecrans building. Players are a limited group from Biowatch and Laboratory along with The Health Officer. No observers are permitted during this portion of the drill.

Day 2 Tuesday November 17 play from 0800 to 1100 
Tuesday will be Public Information day. The goal for this day is a clear and unified message from all SoCal Counties and Cities playing that describes the disease, medicine, POD locations and the opening of those PODs.

Day 3 Wednesday November 18 play from 0700 -1600
Wednesday is a warehouse day. Medicine needs to be distributed from the Feds to the State and then to the locals for dispensing. The County of San Diego will be preparing shipments to go to PODs for dispensing. Law enforcement will be at the warehouse for simulated security. Both The Sheriff and SDPD are asked to send officers.  No actual medicine will be moved.

Day 4 Thursday November 19 play from 0700 to 1500
Thursday is the POD day. The County of San Diego is having 14 different PODs open from public, military and private business. All cities in the county will be asked to simulate prophylaxing their first responders and put that information in Web EOC. The EMS/DOC (MOC) will be open all day.

Day 5 November 20 play from 0700 to 1400
Friday is medication recovery day. The play here will be limited to warehouse staff. Goal is to recover unused meds from public PODs. 



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