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The Office of the Registrar can help you with all your transcript needs. Whether you’re applying for graduate school, earning a credential, transferring to another school or have a new employer, your official transcripts are the key.

How to Order Official Transcripts

1.  Complete the Official Transcript Request Form

Transcript Request Form

2.  Submit the Transcript Request Form via:

  • Mail:  Cal State San Marcos, Office of the Registrar, Transcript Section, 333 S. Twin Oaks Valley Road, San Marcos CA 92096-0001
  • Email:
  • Hand Delivery: Cougar Central, 3900 Craven Hall

Additional Information

Official Transcript Request

Incomplete requests will delay processing and may result in your request being returned. Please ensure that you have included all of the required information on the official Transcript Request form.

  • STUDENT'S SIGNATURE and date (this is the student's authorization to release the records to the designee)
  • Your current legal name (and all prior names used while attending CSUSM)
  • Your full address and phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Student Identification Number: We prefer your CSUSM-ID number, but can accept the last 4-digits ONLY of your Social Security Number
  • Dates of attendance at CSUSM (indicate any breaks in attendance, if applicable).
  • Whether to mail now or hold your request until the current term's grades or your degree posts

Full address of agency, college, or individual to whom transcripts are to be sent

Processing Time

Transcript requests are routinely processed and mailed out 5 to 7 business days after arriving in our office. CSUSM does not offer expedited (RUSH) handling of requests. Transcripts are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note that due to high volume of requests received at the beginning and end of each semester, transcript processing time varies. Time-sensitive orders should be requested early to ensure that the recipient receives your transcript(s) prior to any application deadlines or opportunities.

What makes an official transcript OFFICIAL

For a transcript to be considered official, it must:

  • Remain sealed in its envelope
  • Be printed on security transcript paper
  • Carry the signature of the university registrar and university seal
  • All transcripts sent from CSUSM are considered official unless an unofficial copy has been requested.

Unofficial transcripts are simply copied onto regular white paper and do not carry any type of official markings.

What is included on an official transcript

A copy of your transcript includes:

  • Degree(s) awarded, major and minor, and certificates of study
  • Transfer credit from other institutions accepted by CSUSM. Only the total number of credit hours accepted is indicated. Transcripts of transfer credits must be requested directly from the institution that awarded the credit.
  • All courses taken and attempted at CSUSM and grade awarded
  • Student standing each term
  • GPA for each term and institute totals

Holds on your records

Your request will not be processed if you have any outstanding financial or administrative obligations to the university. These must be cleared before your records can be released.

All transcripts on the form will be sent out at the same time

There is an option on the form to have transcripts held and sent at a later date (after grades, after degree posts, etc.). If you desire to have a transcript sent now and another copy sent at a later date, you MUST make two separate requests.

Additional Questions?

If you have a question about transcripts, you can email our office for more information. Please include your full name (and any other names used at CSUSM) and your CSUSM ID number.

Email the Transcript Office at