Intent to Enroll & Enrollment Deposit:
You must confirm plans to enroll at CSU San Marcos by indicating your intent to enroll via MyCSUSM.edu. Log onto MyCSUSM.edu, select the Student Center, choose Accept/Decline for your Fall application and follow all steps to accept the offer of admission. Your intent to enroll and the $150 enrollment deposit must be submitted by May 1, 2015.

The enrollment deposit will apply toward tuition for your Fall term and will be waived for any student who qualified for an application fee waiver at the time of application for admission. Information and online payment options are provided on MyCSUSM.  Failure to submit the Intent to Enroll and Enrollment Deposit by May 1, 2015 will result in cancellation of your offer of admission.

EOP First Contact:
EOP First Contact is a mandatory information session for all new EOP Transfer students.  It is designed for all newly admitted CSUSM/EOP student’s transfers and should not be confused with CSUSM’s New Student Orientation, which is designed to reach all new, incoming CSUSM students. EOP First Contact is conducted by EOP Counselors who will introduce themselves to the new students and who will highlight all EOP policies and procedures, expectations and services. These include:

  • Academic advising
  • Personal counseling
  • An EOP grant (Please note: The EOP grant is based on your full-time enrollment, and income eligibility of funds and other EOP criteria)

During EOP First Contact, students will read, discuss and sign the EOP Student-Program Agreement, which highlights program services, policies and procedures, and EOP’s expectations for student participation, all of which help to ensure academic success.  Students learn about testing, general education and graduation requirements. Students are given the opportunity to ask questions regarding information and important materials that they may have received from the Office of Admissions or other campus units in the Division of Student Affairs (including the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, Housing, and Student Activities and Campus Life.

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EOP Transfer: First Contact 2015 (Choose one)

Date Check-In Time Location
May 30 12:30pm 1:00 - 3:00pm ARTS 240
June 6 12:30pm 1:00 - 3:00pm ARTS 240

University (Transfer) Orientation:
All new EOP Transfer students are required to sign up and attend a new student University orientation.  Orientation and New Student Programs assists all new CSUSM students in the transition to the campus community.  Orientation and New Student Programs provides a number of opportunities available to new and current students to get involved on campus and to feel more a part of the CSUSM community. Orientation for all Fall 2015 admits will be held June through August 2015.  However, EOP freshmen will receive priority registration by attending the Orientation scheduled for (June TBD).  All admitted EOP must attend this Orientation in order to receive priority registration and to meet with EOP counselors to ensure students are starting on the right track.  EOP admitted students will be contacted thru mail by Orientation and New Student Programs, as well as the EOP with information to sign up for designated EOP Orientation, and for updates and important information. Orientation dates will not be posted until mid-Spring 2015. For more Orientation information visit: http://www.csusm.edu/sll/onsp/orientation.html 

Final Transcripts:
All newly admitted students (Including EOP) must submit a final transcript showing completion of all requirements, including Spring 15 grades to the Office of Admissions and Recruitment. Transcripts must be official and received by CSU San Marcos in a sealed envelope by July 15, 2015 at 5:00 pm. Failure to submit final transcripts by July 15, 2015 will result in cancellation of your offer of admission, as well as cancellation into EOP.