Frequently Asked Questions

General Information About the Program

Who is eligible to apply? Incoming first year and transfer students who are seeking their first Bachelor's Degree. Matriculated (currently enrolled) CSUSM students are not eligible to apply.
EOP application deadline? February 15th by 11:59pm.  Application materials will not be accepted after the deadline.
What is due? All application materials including the student application and two recommendations.
Am I required to submit income verification documents such as copies of income taxes, child support, alimony, etc? No additional documents are required.  EOP will work with the financial aid office to verify the income information provided on your application with your reported FAFSA information.
Can I complete one EOP application and have it forwarded to all CSU campuses that I'm applying to? No, the EOP application feature within CSUMentor is school specific and applicants must complete one application per campus. Because all EOP programs have different deadlines it is recommended that students check with each individual EOP program prior to applying. In addition, we recommend saving all application information in a word document if applying to multiple programs.

Automated EOP Application Technical Questions

Where do I apply? Online applications may be found at
I did not mark that I was interested in EOP on my university application. Can I still apply to the program? Yes, applicants may still apply by logging onto, selecting "Apply Online", followed by "Educational Opportunity Program".

Who do I contact if I'm experiencing problems with -

  • Accessing the application
  • Updating recommender name and email
  • My recommender did not receive the recommendation link?

Contact CSUMentor's Technical Support Team:

Phone: (800) 468-6927


My recommender prefers to send a hard copy recommendtion to your office. Where should he/she send the recommendation? EOP has now switched to an online application process, and online materials are the only form of submission allowed as it leaves an electronic trail for both the applicant and the program leaving no question whether and when an application document is received.  All material should be submitted online only.


What Happens After I Apply?

How soon will I receive an admissions decision? EOP applications will be reviewed after a university admissions decision has been made by the Office of Admissions. Notifications to applicants are on-going through the Spring semester.
How will I know my EOP admissions decision? All applicants will receive an electronic admissions decision. Decisions will be sent to the email address applicants provided on their application.
My recommender forgot to complete the recommendation form and it's now past the deadline. Can he/she still submit this form? Late application materials are not accepted and applicants will be denied admissions to the program. Applicants are responsible for ensuring their applications are complete and/or making the necessary adjustments to the recommender portion of the online application.
Who do I contact if I have additional questions not already answered by the information above?


First Year Applicants: Norma Larios

(760) 750-6061

Transfer Applicants: Michael Lewis

(760) 750-6058