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File Re-Review Request


EOP acceptance decisions are based on each applicant's self-reported academic qualifications, financial documentation and information, and descriptive narratives provided on the EOP Application. All admissions/acceptance decisions are considered final. File re-review requests are conducted only in cases of extreme circumstance or due to EOP administrative processing errors.

The following circumstances are not considered as valid reasons for a file re-review and re-review requests should not be submitted.
The Applicant:
Missed the application deadline, including the autobiographical questions and recommendations
 Did not adhere to CSUSM admissions deadlines.
 Does not meet EOP eligibility guidelines, including the Estimated Family Contribution criteria.
 Was denied to the university due to CSUSM Impaction Criteria.
File re-review requests will be processed within ten business days of receipt, and applicants will be notified of findings within the same processing period.
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