Diversity Council

The Office of Diversity, Educational Equity and Inclusion relies on the advice and input from a diverse, representative group of 18 individuals appointed by President Haynes.  This group comprises the Diversity Advisory Council, as prescribed by the Diversity Stratgeic Plan.  The council, who meets quarterly, with this differing perspectives and a variety of lenses, provide advice on the implementation of the Diversity Strategic Plan as well as new initiatives that might be needed.  The council's membership includes:

  • Cecelia Blanks, Student Academic Support Services
  • Annette Daoud, College of Education, Health and Human Services
  • Robert Aiello-Hauser, ASI LGBTQA Pride Center
  • Floyd Lai, Student Life and Leadership
  • Jennifer Milo, Athletics
  • Arturo Ocampo, Chair, AVP of Diversity
  • Laurie Schmelzer, College of Science and Mathematics
  • John Segoria, Student Academic Support Services
  • Raihana Siddiq, Student Representative
  • Arthur Silverstein, Student Representative
  • Nancy Suarez, Student Financial Services
  • Wayne Veres, IITS
  • Trevor Walker, Extended Learning
  • Kheng T. Waiche, Student Academic Support Services