Finding Events you have Requested

Often you will need to refrence events that you have requested so you can 

  • Locate the Refrence ID
  • Request a change to the event
  • Request the event be canceled
  • Copy the event so that you can use it as a base for another.

Once signed in you can find all of your events you have requested with 3 clicks


Please note: You must be Signed in
1 Click the Event Tab
event tab
2 Click on the "Pre-Defined Event Searches" Tab
event searches
3 In the right Side you will see a list of your searches, select "Events I have Requested" your search results

The Result will be a list of events where you are the "Requester".

Listing of my events

Here you can see the Refrence Number for each event as well as Star an event by clicking the star to the left of the event, you can even click the event name  to open a more detailed view of each event. From there you can print the event, sent e-mail and event copy the event to create a new event based on the existing one.

NOTE: IF you see no events listed it might be because the default date range is "Current and Future Dates" You can click on the text to change the range.