Classrooms Approved for Food Events

All conference rooms are approved for food. In addition the following rooms can also have food:

Room Seating Capacity Notes
Academic Hall 102 145 auditorium
Academic Hall 305 90 arm tablet chairs
Academic Hall 411A 48 arm tablet chairs
Academic Hall 411B 48 arm tablet chairs
Kellogg Library 1111 80 arm tablet chairs
Markstein Hall 101 45 tiered case study room
Markstein Hall 106 60 tiered case study room
Markstein Hall 214 60 seminar style
Science Hall2 242 74 arm tablet chairs
Science Hall2 243 45 arm tablet chairs
University Hall 100 65 tiered
University Hall 101 43 tiered

To have food in any of the rooms listed above or in a conference room, please indicate so when submitting the electronic Request for Facilities Use (eRFU). This will ensure that a sufficient number of trash/recycling receptacles are provided on the day of the event, making clean-up easier. The expectation is that the room will be left as clean as it was upon the group’s arrival. If the room is not clean enough (based on inspection by Event and Conference Services staff), the requestor/organization will be charged a $75 cleaning fee.