What is Geography?

Literally the study of the entire planet, Geography is an integrative social and environmental science that is usually divided between human and physical geography.  Human geographers study cultural geography, urban and rural systems, and social change; physical geographers study natural systems, biogeography, and climate change. But many geographers explore and understand the interactions between human and physical systems.As a result, it is a great discipline through which to learn about what real economic, social and environmental sustainability will require. It is also the place to gain a critical perspective on development and social change today.

Why Minor in Geography?

Geographers work in all kinds of jobs and careers. They provide key insights to ongoing changes at the city, state, and federal level. They work at the global level on climate change issues, and carry out research in cities, farms, deserts, and jungles in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. They work in planning departments, universities and colleges, elementary and high schools, development agencies and NGOs (non-governmental organizations). However, the main reason to get a degree in Geography is because it interests you...

Programs Offered

  • Minor in Geography


To learn more about Geography at CSU San Marcos, please visit the Geography website.