Political science is the study of government, individual, and institutional behavior in the public sector; relations among nation-states; and theories of politics.  Political science addresses the fundamental issues confronting modern society — war, inequality, poverty, the environment — and seeks to evaluate the processes, policies, and theories that have been devised to deal with them.  Typically, the discipline of political science is subdivided into topical fields: U.S. government and politics, including the subfields of public law, public administration, and public policy; comparative politics, which deals with government and politics within nations other than the United States; international relations, which is the analysis of politics among nations, including foreign policy, war and peace, and political economy; and political theory, which encompasses political thought throughout the ages as well
as contemporary approaches.

Programs Offered

  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science:
    • General Concentration
    • Global Concentration
  • Minor in Political Science


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