What Students Are Saying About CSUSM

Tavish SpargoCipriano Vargas

Kokoro Hyodo

Andrew Pinkard

"As a girl from a small town this was just perfect for me. I love the small campus so I don't get lost. I love living in the dorms because I get to be around other students and make memorable friends from not just all over California but International friends too. Just all the things you experience as a college student living away from home is exciting all the time. Never a dull moment at CSUSM!"
Indio, CA

"I live on campus so class is just a short distance away from me. On Tuesdays and Thursdays there are always activities going on in the main plaza where different groups are giving out free stuff. The dorms are a great place to live, there is always tons of activities going on and it is a great way to meet new people. San Marcos is only about 30 minutes from San Diego and only 20 minutes from the closest beach. Overall It's a great place to go to school in my opinion."
Rancho Mirage, CA

"CSUSM is a hidden gem. San Diego's North County, I mean common there is plenty to do...great business program"
Brian D.
Escondido, CA

"Great school. I got a BA is history from here & I also had a few great Spanish professors who stoked my interest. Good location, easy parking & I somehow graduated in 2006 with no debt! Starbucks built into the library! How can u beat this school?"
Gavin H.
Carlsbad, CA

"The price of tuition, ample parking, interesting classes, easy classwork, excellent campus-wide email communication, lots of computers in the Library, free Wi-Fi if you're a student, Starbucks on campus, Ralphs/Longs/banking/etc across the street, friendly campus police, and small class sizes."
Bth V.
Encinitas, CA

"I enjoy my school quite a bit. Small classes. The majority of my professors have been great. Super easy to find parking!"
Krista Y.
San Diego, CA

"I really love my school!  It is so perfect because I am a commuter who works full time and goes to school!  CSUSM makes it easy to work and go to school, and almost all professors will work with you."
Colby O.
Escondido, CA

"Apparently the school's nickname is The Stairmaster college which you would immediately notice upon arrival. Luckily, however, they have fully functioning elevators to take from bottom to top..."
Jeanna W.
San Diego, CA

"All in all I would say I am glad that I chose CSU San Marcos and would do it again.'"
Shon F.
Santee, CA