Self-Guided Campus Tour, Page 1 Craven Hall Kellogg Library Clarke Field House University Student Union Student Health and Counseling Services University Village Apartments and The Quad Science Hall 2 Social and Behavioral Sciences Building Arts Building University Hall Markstein Hall Founders Plaza Academic Hall Science Hall 1 University Store

01 - Craven Hall

Your tour begins in Cougar Central, on the third floor of Craven Hall. Named after Senator William Craven who helped to found CSUSM in 1989, Craven Hall houses all the University's administrative offices. In Cougar Central you will find the main student services such as Admissions, Registration and Financial Aid. As you exit, you will find yourself in Tukwut Courtyard. Tukwut is the Luiseño word for mountain lion, and was selected by our first class of students to serve as our mascot.

Turn left out of Tukwut Courtyard and walk past the mural, under the Rotunda and
across campus to Kellogg Plaza.

02 - Kellogg Library

The five-stories-high Kellogg Library opened in 2004 and is named after Keith Kellogg II, the grandson of the cereal company founder. The library is one of the largest in the CSU system. Its facilities are equipped with multiple computer labs, study rooms, classrooms and meetings rooms, and over 250,000 books. It also houses the campus Starbucks.

You can enter and explore the library or continue walking on the path closest to the library
past the large lawn where you might see students playing a game of disc golf.

03 - The Clarke Field House

Look beyond the stairs and you can see the top of the M. Gordon Clarke Field House. Home to Cougar Athletics, the recreation facility includes a fitness center, half-court gym, full-size outdoor basketball courts and sand volleyball courts. Campus Recreation also has offices in The Clarke.


04 - University Student Union

Opening in Spring 2014 the University Student Union features a large dining area and food court, a convenience store, game rooms, lounges, a large ballroom, conference rooms and an outdoor amphitheater. The USU also houses offices for many of the student organizations, Student Life and Leadership and Associated Students Inc.

Continue walking to Chávez Plaza where the statue of César Chávez stands at the top of the staircase.

05 - Student Health and Counseling Services

You are now in Chávez plaza. At the bottom of the staircase you can see a new building currently under construction - our new Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) Building which is scheduled to open in Fall 2014. The SHCS provides medical services, counseling, health and wellness education and host of other health services. The new building brings these services to our campus to better reach our students.

Fun Fact: our students love to rub César Chávez's hand for good luck on their way to an exam.

06 - University Village Apartments and The QUAD

If you stand next to César Chávez and follow his line of vision across the street, you will see our campus housing facilities. University Village Apartments provides two and four bedroom furnished apartments. Just past UVA, across Barham Road is The QUAD which features three and four bedroom furnished apartments. In total, UVA and The QUAD house over 1,200 residents, providing them with opportunities to enjoy another aspect of Cougar student life.

Continue walking past Chávez Plaza.

07 - Science Hall 2

The first building on your left is Science Hall II, which has laboratory, classroom and office spaces outfitted with state-of-the-art science and computer technology. This is where the math, physics, biochemistry, chemistry and computer science departments and labs are located.

Continue walking to the far corner of campus.
To your left you will see a bridge leading to the parking structure.
Turn right and you will face the Social & Behavioral Sciences Building.

08 - Social and Behavioral Sciences Building

The newest academic building on campus is home to the College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences, including the departments of anthropology, communication, economics, global studies, liberal studies, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology and women's studies. SBSB has over 700 classroom seats, over 100 faculty offices and graduate research space.

Turn back to the direction you came from.

09 - Arts Building

Next to SBSB and behind Chávez Plaza is the Arts Building. The Arts Building provides music and recording studios, classrooms, art workspace and a dance studio. It features the largest lecture hall on campus, ARTS 240 with 250 seats, as well as a performance hall. Each semester there are gallery exhibitions and shows held here.

Just past the main entrance to the Arts Building, walk up the stairs and turn right.
Follow the curved pathway ahead until you arrive at...

10 - University Hall

You are at the second floor of University Hall. Like all of our academic halls, University Hall is outfitted with advanced classroom technology. The College of Education, Health and Human Services has its offices on the third floor.

You will now enter Palm Court. Turn left and walk up the stairs.

11 - Markstein Hall

Markstein Hall is home to the College of Business Administration and features 26 classrooms - including a 120-seat lecture auditorium, conference rooms and executive board rooms, computer labs, a faculty lounge and a terrace, as well as advising suites and the dean's offices. The world languages and Hispanic literature departments are located on the second floor.

Walk to the far right end of Markstein and turn right.
Keep walking until you reach the large seal on the ground, in front of the Campus Coffee cart.
But don't step on it!

12 - Founder's Plaza

Take a minute to look at Founders Seal. CSUSM's mission statement is engraved between west and south. The circle of people surrounding the globe reflects the university's commitment to diversity. The triangles represent the three original Colleges - the College of Business Administration, the College of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences.

Campus legend has it that whoever steps on the seal won't graduate in 4 years!
Be careful where you walk!

13 - Academic Hall

Turn around to face the last two academic buildings, both a part of the original campus. On the left is the second floor of Academic Hall, which houses computer labs. The first, third and fourth floors of Academic Hall are classroom space. Classes held here are primarily general education classes for freshmen.


14 - Science Hall 1

On the right, behind the Campus Coffee cart is Science Hall I. This hall houses the physics, biology and chemistry labs, offices and classroom space.

Behind you is the fifth floor level of Craven Hall. Turn towards it and enter...

15 - University Store

The University Store is located at the corner of Craven and Founders Plaza and offers branded merchandise, souvenirs, school supplies and spirit apparel, in addition to computers and technology accessories. Stop by for a sweatshirt or pennant!