Utilities Management

A public utility is defined as a commodity or service such as electricity, gas, water, sewer and trash.  Here at California State University San Marcos we strive to make sure our utilities management is above and beyond average.  With our well trained staff we accomplish all of the needs for our campus and surrounding environment. Furthermore, managing the campus utilities is important so that the resources that are used meet the Universities current needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can also be met for future generations.

Highlighted points from Executive Order 987
  • Each campus shall operate and maintain a computerized energy management system that will provide centralized reporting of the campus energy related activities.
  • Campus energy/utilities managers will make the necessary arrangements to achieve optimum efficiency in the use of natural gas, electricity, or any other purchased energy resources to meet the heating, cooling and lighting needs of the building and/ or facilities.
  • All windows in buildings and/or facilities that are air-conditioned will be kept closed and as secure as possible to prevent loss of conditioned air, unless facilities are equipped with an air-conditioning and heating interlock that shuts off mechanical cooling or heating when windows are opened.