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CSUSM Lecturer Opportunities

Part-Time/Temporary Opportunities

CSUSM anticipates the following departments may have lecturer vacancies this Academic Year.  We invite applicants to apply, and encourage them to identify all courses they may be qualified for:


Head Coach - Men's Basketball

Temporary Coaches Pool 

College of Business Administration

Accounting Pool
BUS 495 - Senior Experience Pool
Finance Pool
Management Pool
Management Information Systems Pool
Marketing Pool
MS HIM - Healthcare Information Management Pool
Operations and Supply Chain Management Pool

College of Education, Health and Human Services

EDUC 656 - Principles of Dual Language and Multilingual Education (Summer 2017)
EDUC 656 - Principles of Dual Language and Multilingual Education (Fall 2017)
EDUC 657 - Cross-Cultural Competence for Educational Leadership (Summer 2017)
SLP 432 - Augmentative and Alternative Communication (Fall 2017)
SLP 463 - Voice and Fluency Disorders (Fall 2017)

Educational Administration Pool
Human Development Pool
Kinesiology Pool
Master of Social Work Pool
MSW 655 - Leadership Practice POOL
MSW 661 - Social Work in Health Care POOL
MSW 662 - Social Work with Older Adults POOL
MSW 667 - Addictions: Assessment and Treatment POOL
MSW 670 - Cognitive and Brief Therapies POOL
MSW 671 - Direct Practice with Military and Veterans Families POOL
MSW 672 - Direct Practice with Military Personnel and Veterans POOL
MSW 690 - Selected Topics in Social Work POOL
NURS 231 331 - Obstetric Nursing POOL
NURS 233 333 - Pediatric Nursing POOL
NURS 261 361 - Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing POOL
NURS 323 - Medical-Surgical Nursing POOL
NURS 325 - Medical-Surgical Nursing POOL
Public Health Pool
School of Education Pool
School of Nursing Pool
Speech Language Pathology Pool

College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences

AIS 101 - Intro to American Indian Studies (Academic Year 2017/18)
AIS 150 - Intro to Federal Law & Policy (Academic Year 2017/18)
AIS 240 - American Indian and Environmental Issues (Academic Year 2017/18)
AIS 280 - American Indian Culture and Language (Academic Year 2017/18)
AIS 350 - Imagining Indian (Academic Year 2017/18)
ECON 202 - Principles of Marcoeconomics (Fall 2017)
PSCI 331 - World Political Systems (Academic Year 2017/18)
PSCI 431 434  - Comparative Politics (Academic Year 2017/18)

American Indian Studies Pool
Anthropology Pool
Border Studies Pool
Communication Pool
Economics Pool
Environmental Studies Pool
FMST Film Studies/Creative Writing Pool
GEO 102 General Education Oral Communication Pool
Geography Pool
GEW General Education Writing Pool
Global Studies Pool
History Pool
Liberal Studies Pool
Linguistics Pool
Literature and Writing Studies Pool
Modern Language Studies Pool
Philosophy Pool
Political Science Pool
Psychology Pool
Sociology Pool
Women Studies Pool

School of Arts

Arts & Technology Pool
  Dance Pool
  Music Pool
  Theatre Pool
  Visual Arts Pool

College of Science and Mathematics

BIOL 177 - Introduction to Human Anatomy & Physiology I (Fall 2017)
BIOL 178 - Introduction to Human Anatomy & Physiology II (Fall 2017)
BIOL 215 - Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis (Fall 2017)
BIOL 323 - Physiology of Nutrition and Disease (Summer 2017)
BIOL 353 - Comarative Animal Physiology (Fall 2017)

Biological Sciences Pool
Biotechnology Program Pool
Chemistry & Biochemistry Pool
Computer Science and Information Systems Pool
Cybersecurity Pool
Mathematics Pool
Physics Pool

Office of Undergraduate Studies

ESM 111 - Quantitative Skills and College Success (Summer 2017)
ESW 120 - Writing and Reading for College (Summer 2017)
GEL 101 - The Student, The University, The Community (Fall 2017)

First Year Programs Pool


Librarian Pool

Student Health and Counseling Services

Non-Tenure-Track Staff Psychologist (Academic Year 2016/17)
Post-Doctoral Counselor (Fiscal Year 2017/18)

Student Health and Counseling Services Pool

Student Services Professionals, Academically Related Pool (Pool Positions currently unavailable)