Lecturer OpportunitiesLecturer Opportunities

Part-Time/Temporary Opportunities

CSUSM anticipates the following departments may have lecturer vacancies this Academic Year.  We invite applicants to apply, and encourage them to identify all courses they may be qualified for:


Assistant Coach Men's Golf
Assistant Coach Women's Golf
Assistant Coach Women's Basketball

College of Business Administration

Accounting Pool
Finance Pool
Marketing Pool
Management Pool
Management Information Systems Pool
OM 441 - Business Logistics Management
Operations and Supply Chain Management Pool

College of Education, Health and Human Services

EDUC/HD 380 Pool - Applied Child and Youth Development
EDUC 657 - Cross Cultural Competence For Educational Leadership in Diverse Societies
EDUC 656 - Principles of Dual Language and Multilingual Education
MSW 540 - Field Instruction I (Fall 2014)
MSW 541 - Field Instruction II (Fall 2014)
MSW 550 - Research Methods in Social Work (Fall 2014)
MSW 630A - Advanced Direct Practice I: Individuals/CYF (Fall 2014)
MSW 650 - Advanced Research Methods in Social Work (Fall 2014)
MSW 695 - Masters of Social Work Thesis (Fall 2014)
MSW 698 - Capstone Project Thesis II (Spring 2015)
School of Education Pool
Program Coordinator Social Work
Master of Social Work Pool
MSW 655 - Leadership Practice POOL
MSW 661 - Social Work in Health Care POOL
MSW 662 - Social Work with Older Adults POOL
MSW 667 - Addictions: Assessment and Treatment POOL
MSW 670 - Cognitive and Brief Therapies POOL
MSW 671 and 672 - Direct Practice with Military Families and Veterans POOL
School of Nursing Pool
Undergraduate Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing POOL
Pediatric Nursing POOL
Human Development Pool
Kinesiology Pool

College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences

ANTH 301 - Medical Anthropology (Summer and Fall 2014)
Anthropology Pool
Communication Pool
GEO 102 General Education Oral Communication Pool
Economics Pool
Environmental Studies Pool
ENVS 100 - Introduction to Environmental Studies (Fall 2014 and Spring 2015)
ENVS 210 - Research Methods: Introduction to GIS & ENVS 310 - Environmental Impact Analysis (Spring 2015)
Global Studies Pool
History Pool
Liberal Studies Pool
Literature and Writing Studies Pool
MLAN 101 - Introductory Chinese
SPAN 101-201 - Beginning and Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 302 - Basic Theory and Practice of Spanish Composition
Modern Language Studies Pool
Philosophy Pool
PSCI 100 - U.S. Government and Politics
Political Science Pool
PSYC 338 - Environmental Psychology (Fall 2014)
PSYC 363 - Drugs, Brain, Behavior and Society (Fall 2014)
Psychology Pool
Sociology Pool
Visual and Performing Arts
Arts & Technology Pool
Dance Pool
MUSC 180-3 - Symphonic Band
Music Pool
Theatre Pool
VSAR 404 - Art and Web Design (Fall 2014)
Visual Arts Pool
WMST 300-22 - Women and Religion
WMST 407 - The Politics of Sexualities
Women Studies Pool

College of Science and Mathematics

BIOL 177 Lab
BIOL 177 Lecture
BIOL 178 Lecture
BIOL 211 Labs
Biological Sciences Pool
Chemistry & Biochemistry Pool
Computer Science and Information Systems Pool
Mathematics Pool
PHYS 351
Physics Pool

First Year Programs

GEL 101
First Year Programs Pool


Librarian Pool

Student Services Professionals, Academically Related

Student Services Professionals, Academically Related Pool (Pool Positions currently unavailable)
Student Services Professional - Post-Doctoral Counselor Intern