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Annual Report 2003/04

FAS Annual Report 2003/04

The new Finance and Administrative Services mission statement states that the division is committed to providing support to students, faculty, and staff, financial and regulatory oversight, and development and management of the campus infrastructure.  We accomplish this through the use of the Balanced Scorecard, which provides the framework for the division’s strategic planning efforts and ensures that our goals are aligned with those of the University.  Using this process, we establish our goals and objectives, identify actions needed to reach those objectives, measure our progress through review of data, and then adjust our actions accordingly to ensure that we are moving towards achieving a successful outcome.  This method allows us to choose our actions carefully to ensure effective use of resources while successfully attaining our goals.

This newly formatted, electronically-submitted annual report is one example of an improvement identified through our Balanced Scorecard, and contains key accomplishments of the FAS division in 03/04 in support of the University’s mission and goals which I am pleased to share with the campus community.

Terry L. Allison

Interim Vice President and Chief Financial Officer