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Annual Report 2005/06

FAS Annual Report 2005/06

Once again, we are grateful for the opportunity to share the Finance and Administrative Services annual report with the campus community.  During the 2005-2006 academic year, we revised the FAS Vision to "becoming nationally recognized leaders in higher ed administration".  Our new vision provides focus and a foundation upon which we set our divisional priorities: Workforce Development, Physical and Fiscal Asset Management, Environmental Stewardship, Managing Growth, and Administrative Productivity and Quality.  Along with the campus, we have forged ahead in the strategic planning process from the underpinning of the FAS Balanced Scorecard, to help us align our divisional priorities, objectives, and goals with the campus strategic priorities.

The changes to the FAS Vision were accompanied by an improved FAS Strategy Map and more minor changes to the FAS Mission and Values statements.  With our values of respect, trust, professionalism, responsibility, and collaboration we are poised to support and work with all facets of the campus community to achieve our common goals.  While we build on a strong history of successes, we are future-focused and committed to collaboration and a “university first” approach in everything we do.

Please feel free to share your comments or questions regarding this annual report or the FAS division with me.  We look forward to the exciting future of Cal State San Marcos.

Neal R. Hoss
Vice President