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FAS Leadership Culture

FAS Leadership Council


  • Vice President, Finance and Administrative Services
  • AVP, FAS Administration
  • AVP, Facilities Development and Management
  • AVP, Business and Financial Finance Services
  • AVP, Human Resources and Payroll Services
  • Executive Director, CSUSM Corporation
  • Chief of Police


The FAS Leadership Council serves as an advisory body to the Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services. Information is disseminated through this body, and it is expected that members of the council convey this information to managers and staff of the FAS families - Facilities Development and Management, Finance and Business Services, Human Relations and Campus Enterprises, Resource Management and the offices of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity and University Police.

Meeting Protocols

  • Confidential information is handled accordingly and is shared for the purpose of keeping members of the Council aware of potential issues that could affect operations. 
  • Members of the Council actively participate by providing agenda items (at least two business days prior to the meeting), and sharing operational issues, customer concerns, status of projects, and other matters pertinent  to FAS.
  • Members of the Council discuss issues among families and attempt to resolve them prior to the Council meetings or involvement of the Vice President. 
  • Issues involving particular areas are brought to the attention of the responsible administrator prior to advising the Vice President. 
  • Meetings will be bi-weekly and will coincide with the President’s Cabinet and Executive Council meetings. 

FAS Leadership Council members are proponents for change in order to facilitate the development of a positive workplace in Finance and Administrative Services and the University. FAS Leadership Council members are held accountable, to be reflected in their annual performance evaluations, for supporting and advancing the concepts contained in the FAS Leadership Culture.