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FAS Leadership Culture

FAS Leadership Culture

In support of the mission, vision, and values at Cal State San Marcos, the FAS Leadership Culture of Finance and Administrative Services Division defines who we are and how we do business. These are the beliefs that are the foundation of our culture which guide our actions and affirm our future.
- We value each other's capabilities and contributions.

  • Respect confidentiality.
  • Respect and support each other.
  • Be respectful to requests from Executive Council.

Trust - We communicate honestly, share information, and follow through on our commitments.

  • Be forthcoming with information and engage in honest conversations.
  • Foster trust and engagement through effective and timely communication that articulates a focus on the future.
  • Embrace constructive criticism; disarm negative criticism and gossip; know the difference.
  • Treat all information with integrity, especially information that relates to employees or those topics that could be politically sensitive.
  • Share pertinent information and observations with colleagues at all levels in all divisions, and avoid surprises.

Professionalism - We apply our best skills, knowledge, and experience as we serve the campus community.

  • Assume a "University-First" perspective.
  • Embrace the CSUSM values: intellectual engagement, community, integrity, innovation, inclusiveness, and respect for lifelong learning.
  • Embrace change positively with imagination and creativity.
  • Project professionalism through presentation of self, and oral and written communication.
  • Directly resolve differences with colleagues.
  • Arrive to meetings prepared and on time. When unable to attend a meeting, advise the meeting organizer in advance and provide the name of an alternate when appropriate.
  • Encourage, help define, and provide appropriate training and professional development to staff to ensure success and growth.
  • Become a "learning organization".

Responsibility - We take ownership of our actions, and continuously seek positive solutions.

  • Make decisions courageously and be accountable for your decisions.
  • Speak with one voice - share ownership of decisions.
  • Be willing to give and accept constructive criticism.
  • Use leadership skills to break down barriers and achieve success.
  • Act as a change champion and take responsibility to shape the future.
  • Link program and performance evaluations to specific goals that advance the strategic priorities of the university.
  • Complete employee evaluations on time, reinforcing conversations and feedback that have already occurred regarding strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Clearly define and measure performance indicators and change course, taking appropriate action based on those indicators.
  • Express our vision of the future with clarity.
  • Communicate clear expectations and deadlines to staff when delegating assignments or projects.
  • Seek clear expectations and deadlines when assigned tasks.
  • Work together to prioritize deadlines and communicate expectations if sharing support staff.

Collaboration - We work together with the campus community to accomplish our goals.

  • Foster working relationships and collaboration.
  • Employ teamwork, assessment, creativity, and action to propel the university forward.
  • Align resources and processes with campus strategic priorities.
  • Promote responsiveness with each other and staff.
  • Promote camaraderie.