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FAS Professionals

The following expectations apply to all Finance and Administrative Services Managers and Staff
The FAS Professionals consists of every FAS manager and staff member. These individuals provide input on the operations of the division from the unit perspective.

Meeting Protocols

  • The Vice President will use the FAS division meeting forum to communicate critical information from the President or President's Executive Council, divisional changes and programs, and may award a department, team, or individual with the Vice President's Award.
  • The Vice President will receive input from staff and managers on matters that concern them and/or suggestions to improve the division's productivity and service to the campus community.
  • The FAS Professionals will meet quarterly or as necessary to convey and receive information on university operations.
  • Each meeting will be hosted by a different division family, who will be responsible for working with the Vice President's Office to develop the meeting agenda and facilitate the meeting.

The culture of the FAS Professionals is to work as a team, think creatively about work, foster an attitude of service, communicate ideas, respect all colleagues, develop a professional profile, and employ the FAS Values in the everyday workplace.

FAS Values

In support of the mission, vision, and values of Cal State San Marcos, the core values of the Finance and Administrative Services Division define who we are and how we do business.

These are the beliefs which guide our actions and set our direction.

  • Respect - We value each other’s capabilities and contributions.
  • Trust - We communicate honestly, share information, and follow through on our commitments.
  • Professionalism - We apply our best skills, knowledge, and experience as we serve the campus community.
  • Responsibility - We take ownership of our actions, and continuously seek positive solutions.
  • Collaboration - We work together with the campus community to accomplish our common goals.