Common Read: Silent Spring

Increasingly popular at colleges and universities around the country, Common Read programs typically revolve around an outstanding work of fiction or nonfiction selected for everyone on campus to read. Similar to “one book, one city” community reading programs, a Common Read engages an entire campus in reading and discussing one book and its themes. The Center for Ethics in Science and Technology, USD, UCSD, SDSU, Point Loma University, CSUSM, Grossmont College and other partners from across San Diego county join together for our second annual series of events around a single book.
In 1962, Rachel Carson confronted the chemical industry with the claim that widespread pesticide use endangered both wildlife and humans. The industry fought back spending millions of dollars to discredit her. Revolutionary for its time, Silent Spring remains a pivotal, critical text heralding the beginning of the environmental movement as we know it today. On its 50th anniversary, the book’s topics of sustainability and the struggle between corporations and conservation continue to resonate with readers.
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Environment & Ethics Faculty Panel
Thursday, February 6, 2014., KEL 2413
This panel and discussion will feature CSUSM faculty experts on issues related to Silent Spring, including environmental ethics, sustainability, and public policy. Panelists include: Pamela Stricker, Political Science; Greig Guthey, Liberal Studies; and Jessica Mayock, Philosophy. Cosponsored by the Faculty Center and the Library.