Faculty Center Advisory Council

The Faculty Center Advisory Council (FCAC) advises the Faculty Center Director about how best to implement the Faculty Center's mission. Faculty members are elected to the FCAC through the Academic Senate to represent the following constituencies in staggered two-year terms.

Members of the Faculty Center Advisory Council (FCAC) are not eligible to apply for a Faculty Center Professional Development Grant for the duration of their term.

13-14 FCAC Members
Xiaoyu Zhang, , At-large 12-14
Ofer Meilich, CoBA 12-14
Ingrid Flores, CEHHS-SoE 13-15
Pam Kohlbry, CEHHS-HD/Kine/SoN 13/14
Karina Miller, CHABSS-HA 13-15
Laurette McGuire, CHABSS-SBS 13-15
Stephen Tsui, CSM 12-14
Allison Carr, Library 12-14
Terri Metzger, Lecturer 13-15

Ex-Officio Members
Graham Oberem, Interim Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

FCAC Job Description

Standing Meeting Time
FCAC meets monthly, every second Wednesday in Kellogg Library 2413 @ 10:00 - 11:30 AM.