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Faculty Center Professional Development Grant

The Faculty Center Professional Development Grant Program is designed to help CSUSM faculty achieve their professional goals. Grants of up to $750.00 maximum per faculty member will be awarded to support professional activities related to teaching and learning, research/creative activities, and/or community or disciplinary service. All awards may be used as a sole source of funding or to supplement other resources (e.g., regular travel or research allowances or other funding). The two types of awards given are: Travel and Research.


A. Research: Preference will be given to faculty who will be active participants at a conference, workshop, or symposium (e.g., presenter, discussant, moderator, facilitator, participant in a roundtable or panel), and/or clearly articulate the importance of the conference activities, or those who will be actively pursuing research or creative activities (e.g., researching in appropriate libraries/archives, research-related interviews, or other field-based activities).

B.  Teaching: Preference will be given to those presenting at a teaching conference or those who clearly articulate the anticipated outcome and impact on professional development of attending the teaching conference or developmental training.


A.  Research activities:  This includes costs associated with research activities such as supplies, not typically supported by the department or lab budgets, or publication costs. Preference will be given to faculty who articulate how this award will support their research goals and contribute to their professional development

B. Teaching Materials: Costs associated with teaching activities that are not typically supported by department or lab funds.  Priority will be given to faculty who specify how the materials will contribute to student learning, success in the classroom and/or, advance the university mission.