Requirements for the Minor

Completion of eighteen (18) units of credit, twelve (12) units of which must be at the upper division levels

(Please Note:  The list below is based on the 2004-06 catalog.  Given the number of new courses available since the publication of that catalog, appropriate courses in film not listed below may be applied to the minor by petition through the Film Studies Coordinator.)


FMST 100 Introduction to Cinema
FMST 300 Elements of Cinema

Three (3) units in each of the following areas. Students are strongly urged to vary the disciplines from which they take the courses:

B. Film and Theory (3 units)
Select one course:

COMM 360 Theories of Mass Media*
COMM 400 Discourse Analysis*
LTWR 334 Forms and Genres Studies: Film
SOC 310 Sociology of Mass Communication
VSAR 422 Art and Technology of the Moving Image

C. Film and Production (3 Units)
Select one course:

VSAR 303 Video Arts
VSAR 304 Advanced Video Production
VSAR 403 Interactive Multimedia

D. Film, Society, and Culture (3 Units)
Select one course:

COMM 480 Topics in Mass Media*
LTWR 336 Film and Other Genres
SOC 312 Film and Society
TA 323 Power and Popular Culture
WMST 450 Cinema and Gender

E. Film and History (3 Units)
Select one course:

COMM 460 Political Economy of Mass Media*
HIST 300 History of US Cinema
HIST 460c Film and History of China

F. One (1) approved elective course (3 Units)

The selection may include independent research or internships. Work done under other disciplines and not listed above will require prior approval by the Film Studies Faculty Advisor.

*A number of the courses in the Department of Communication have been renamed and renumbered under the Mass Media degree.  They may be still counted toward the minor by petition through the Film Studies Coordinator.

For questions and advising contact:

Rebecca Lush
Film Studies Coordinator
Department of Literature and Writing Studies
(760) 750-8004