Cost of Attendance

The estimated cost of attendance reflects estimated expenses for the nine-month academic year. Standard expenses include the cost of tuition fees, books and supplies for two semesters of full-time enrollment, as well as an allowance for room and board and other living expenses based on where you plan to live while in school.

Please Note:  Tuition Fee is based on 2014-15 tuition Fee Levels.  All CSU fees listed are estimates that are subject to change upon approval by the CSU Board of Trustees.

Cost of Attendance - Full Year (Fall/Spring)

  Undergraduate Living with Parents or Relatives  Undergraduate Living On/Off Campus Undergraduate Living On/Off Campus
Tuition Fee** $15,666 $15,666 $15,666
Local Fees $1,692 $1,692 $1,692
Books $1,746 $1,746 $1,746
Room & Board $4,600 $12,855 $12,441
Transportation $1,134 $865 $1,279
Personal/Misc. $1,365 $1,365 $1,365
Loan Fee $75 $75 $75
Total $26,278 $34,264 $34,264
** Non-Resident full-time tuition fees are based on 12 units per term.
** Graduate Professional Business Fees are an additional $254 per units in addition to the fees listed.