Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Grant

As a program within the Centers for Learning and Academic Support Services (CLASS), the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is the University's first access and equity program. It exists to serve historically low-income and educationally disadvantaged undergraduate students by providing academic support services that will improve both the access and retention of this population in a university setting. 

All EOP students are eligible for EOP grant consideration (distributed by the Financial Aid Office), permitting the student has submitted a current FAFSA, has fulfilled EOP requirements for the previous year, and the availability of funds. 

EOP strives to serve economically disadvantaged and first generation college students with academic support services that lead to a university degree.

For more information and Applications forms, please visit the Admissions Information on the EOP website.

How To Apply

October 1
submit your Fall 2013
Undergraduate Online

Complete the EOP
section, 13a, and the
Applicant Information
Form. (Form 1)

Undergrad Application
   Apply Online Now


Complete the EOP
Application Online

And submit your 
Recommendation Forms,
2a & 2b, to complete
the EOP Application.

 EOP Application
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Beginning January 1
complete your FAFSA

Priority Filing Period:
January 1 - March 2

FAFSA Application
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