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Fiscal Services

Fiscal Services is responsible for maintaining accurate financial records, safeguarding the assets of the University by ensuring appropriate internal controls are in place, financial data integrity and compliance of legal and regulatory reporting requirements.  In addition,  Fiscal Services staff strives to provide a high level of customer support to the campus community.

Frequently Used Links

Commonly Used Accounts - UARSC & Foundation

Project/Fund/Department Listing - UARSC & Foundation

Deposit Item Codes - UARSC & Foundation

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Billing Upload Form - All business units

Financial Transfer Request - All business units

GIK Artwork - Non-Event

GIK Computer Hardware/Software - Non-Event

GIK General - Non-Event

GIK - Event Auction Tracker

GIK - Event Item Donation

GIK Procedures - General

GIK Procedures - Tips for Conductiong Fundraising Auctions

Project Agreement - Foundation

Project Agreement - UARSC

Organizational Chart

Fiscal Services Organizational Chart