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OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business

Moving from Box to OneDrive for Business

Beginning in June, CSUSM will begin a transition to Microsoft OneDrive for Business from our current cloud provider (Box).  This move has significant fiscal savings (it is free to CSUSM) and addresses a recent audit finding that our current provider does not meet. This transition is mandatory and requires completion by December 2017 for all faculty and staff.

How it will work.  Campus communications will begin shortly, encouraging faculty and staff to “clean up” unneeded documents. One week before the scheduled transition, an individual communication will go out announcing the anticipated service outage window and allowing for faculty and staff to request rescheduling to an alternative date if required. After the migration, faculty and staff will receive an email containing a link to the new site and information on accessing OneDrive. Thereafter, IITS staff will follow up to assist with any questions, concerns or issues.

Online Training materials are available now and IITS in-person training opportunities will also be available in the fall. Each CSUSM faculty and staff member will receive 1 terabyte of space (10 GB max per file) on OneDrive for Business ( was limited to 50 Gb of total space). All 1,800 campus users of Box must be moved no later than December of this year.

Given that this is a cloud to cloud migration, there are a number of items to observe in regards to services and capabilities when moving from Box to OneDrive for Business.

  • Metadata – file metadata will be migrated and preserved.
  • Box Notes will not be migrated. If you need your Box Notes migrated please go back and convert them into word documents.
  • A report of external users in your Box account folders will be provided to you so they can be re-shared with your external users after the migration.
  • Files more than 2GB in size will be migrated manually by IITS.
  • Collaborated files will move with the Box owner. As noted above, once these files are migrated, they will be set to "read only" in Box.
  • Permissions on collaborated files and folders will be maintained, but will change to meet Microsoft’s model. Changes will look like the following:


  • OneDrive for Business is available to campus users now via Office 365. When accessing OneDrive for Business from external sources, please be careful to correctly distinguish between OneDrive for Business and OneDrive personal. Campus files will not appear in OneDrive for personal accounts.
  • If you do elect to start using OneDrive for Business now, please note, do not create or try to create previous file structure from Box in OneDrive for Business prior to your migration. Duplicate file names and folders will not be migrated from Box to OneDrive for Business.

If you have a concern, would like to share some input or simply have a question, please contact our OneDrive team at