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Box @ CSUSM (Cloud Storage)

Box is a user friendly, enterprise-level cloud-based storage, file sharing and collaboration platform, which will eventually replace the existing campus-provided H: drive and department share space.

Learn more about Box @ CSUSM (including training information)

To access Box @ CSUSM (or to create an account), go to

(click the 'Continue' button to the right to start creating an account).

Background Information about Box

What type of files SHOULDN’T be stored on Box?

Your personal files, including pictures, videos, and music.

Protected Level 1 data, as it needs encryption and will stay local at this time.
Examples of Level 1 data (per CSU Policy #8065) – Confidential information includes but is not limited to:

  • Passwords or credentials that grant access to level 1 and level 2 data
  • Birth date combined with last four digits of SSN and name
  • Credit card numbers with cardholder name
  • Driver’s license number, state identification card, and other forms of national or international identification (such as passports, visas, etc.) in combination with name
  • Social Security number and name

File and Folder Limitations

  • No single folder can contain more than 8,000 files. For the best performance, have at most 2,000 files in one folder.
  • Folder names can’t be longer than 100 characters.
  • File paths can’t be longer than 255 characters.
  • No two folders within the same parent can have the same name. For example, the folder named “College Resources” can have only one folder named “Student Assistants.”
  • File and folder names cannot have leading spaces. So “_assistants” will need to be renamed to “assistants.”
  • File and folder names cannot start with a dot (.) So “.assistants” will need to be renamed to “assistants.”
  • Certain special characters are not allowed in Box file or folder names. (\ / “ : < > | * ?)

What can’t be migrated to Box?

  • Outlook PST files
  • Windows shortcuts
  • Folders starting with a dot (.)
  • Databases files
  • Temporary files (.tmp, files starting with ~ character)
  • System and hidden files
  • QuickBook files