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Computer Refresh Program

The IITS refresh program replaces computers on campus every four years.  This includes both computers used in teaching labs as well as the ones on faculty and staff desktops.  This replacement program ensures not only that student learning is enhanced by working on modern machines, but also that we are able to support and more stable and safer campus computing environment.  This also allows us to remain compatible with all of the most recent software, fixes, and security patches.

In addition, classroom technology is replaced on a regular basis to ensure that we are able to take advantage of recent improvements in these systems.


The refresh program at Cal State San Marcos began in 1994; the support and funding has been provided by the top-level administration on campus. The program is intended to upgrade all student labs, and faculty/staff computers so that the campus can maintain a state-of-the-art infrastructure to help foster student learning and maintain efficient administrative functions. All computers are replaced every three to four years depending, on the usefulness of the system.


Cal State San Marcos only uses Lenovo, Dell, and Apple computers. 


Normally a refresh computer is part of the funding model for every new hire on campus. The student labs are funded by the campus senior administration. The department hiring a new employee is required to include the cost of a refresh computer within the budget for the total cost of the employee. The department is responsible for filling out the appropriate forms so that the billing of the refresh system can be accomplished.  If you do not see the appropriate form, please send an e-mail to to obtain the appropriate form(s).


IITS needs to evaluate if a member of the campus community will get their computer upgraded. Upgrades happen every three or four years, depending on the user needs. To schedule an appointment for a computer refresh, fill out the information on the Refresh Scheduler.  If you have questions, please email the Refresh Coordinator at