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Windows 7 Wireless Setup

Connecting to the CSUSM network in Windows 7

Click the wireless icon wireless icon located in the task tray on the far right side of the start bar.

Windows Notification Area

Click on CSUSM and then click Connect.

Wireless Connections

Connect to CSUSM

If you are prompted to enter a username and password, enter your campus username and password and then click OK.

Windows Network Authentication
You will then see a Windows Security Alert stating that the credentials provided by the server could not be validated. This is because your computer requires your permission to add the Root CA (Certificate Authority) as a trusted anchor. Click the arrow next to Details to expand the details.

Root CA

Confirm that the Radius Server listed is and that the Root CA is AddTrust External CA Root. If so, click Connect.

Root CA Confirm

Note: In general, you need to be very careful about accepting certificates with errors. When you get these warnings, we encourage you to ask questions and take the time to verify that the certificate is valid. People who steal data are successful in part because users tend to just click on the “Accept” button without reading the details!

You should now be connected to the CSUSM network. You can confirm this by clicking on the Wireless Icon (Connected) wireless icon again. You should see the word Connected next to the CSUSM network.

Connected to CSUSM
If you are having problems connecting to the network or need assistance please contact the Faculty/Staff Help Desk at 760-750-4790 or