Tell her She Should Run!

While slightly over 60% of CSUSM students are women, only 13% of the student Board of Directors are women. With so many issues that still disproportionately impact women in higher education - from women in STEM to sexual assault - it is vital that women are equitably represented!

Participating in student government can be a first step in women's involvement in political office beyond college... women are not faring better in national office than at CSUSM.

  • Women only make up 17% of elected representatives in the House and Senate - and this was after a "banner year" of women in politics1. We can do better!
  • When women run they are often as likely to win as their male counterparts. However, women are more than twice as likely than men to think they are not qualified for office -even when they have the same experience as men2
  • Women are also far less likely than men to receive the suggestion to run for office. However, when women do get encouragement to run, they are just as likely to positively receive it3.

To create greater gender equity in political office, we need to get better at telling women that She Should Run! Now is the time!

By taking just a few minutes to fill out this simple nomination form, you can single-handedly make a difference in women's representation on the ASI Board of Directors. Once you submit the below nomination form, the Gender Equity Center will contact the student and let her know that someone thinks She Should Run! We will reach out to her with encouragement and election materials, and offer her a meeting with a woman currently in a student leadership position.

The deadline is Monday, Feb. 25th. Submit your nominations now!

For more information about ASI Elections go to

1. Lawless, J. & Fox, R. "Men Rule: The Continued Under-Representation of Women in U.S. Politics." Women & Politics Institute Jan. 2012
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