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Working for the Gender Equity Center is more than a job...it's a journey. Student staff have a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills, gain work experience in a nonprofit organization, and explore personal passions. Staff also make a difference on campus, educating their peers and creating programming on topics that they care about the most.

In addition, staff learn job-related skills and the importance and impact of team work, communication, and personality/working styles. The environment fosters a holistic way of working and living to help staff balance all aspects of their campus and academic lives.

We are now hiring the following positions for the 2013-2014 academic year:

Gender Equity Educator

Gender Violence Prevention Educator

Outreach Coordinator

Women's Rights Educator

To apply, submit all application materials to lcarland@csusm.edu. The deadline to apply is April 19 at 5:00pm. You will not be considered for employment until all application materials have been submitted.

Application Materials:

  1. Your resume
  2. A coverletter explaining why you are interested and why you are qualified for the position
  3. The UARSC Student Employment Application (download here).

Hiring Timeline:

March 18-April 19 - Accepting applications

April 29-May 3 - Conducting Interviews

May 6 - All applicants notified

August 12 - Start date

For questions or additional information, email Lea Burgess-Carland at lcarland@csusm.edu
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Phone: 760.750.4988

Email: genderequity@csusm.edu

Website: www.csusm.edu/geneq 

Location: Commons 203

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