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Health & Wellness

Local Resources & Clinics

Student health and Counseling Center

Our campus health center's website. Check the site for the variety of services they offer, including but not limited to pharmacological care, counseling, immunization, and women's health services. These services are free or low cost to students.

Planned Parenthood

Provides affordable reproductive health services for women and men. Some of their services include: Birth control, abortions, emergency contraceptives, STD testing and treatment, and HIV testing.

Vista Community Clinic

Vista Community Clinic is a private, non- profit community health center. They provide a wide variety of affordable health services including: Primary, pediatric, sexual health, Women's and Men's health services, and dental.

Progressive Health Services

Progressive Health Services is a medical health clinic that has an emphasis in alternative medicines. They provide and a variety of services and their mission statement is very inclusive and believe that every one deserves quality medical care whether you be young, old, lesbian, gay, transgendered, able- bodied, or challenged.


Resources on the Web

African American Wellness Project

The African American Wellness Project was developed in response to a need to reduce the gap between the health of African Americans and other Americans. While many other organizations seek to approach this problem by changing the character of our health institutions, like hospitals and doctors, the AAWP takes a different approach. It is our mission to improve your ability to better use the health care system by providing you with some of the tools you need to better utilize your health care system.

Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center

Our mission is to educate, support, empower and advocate for Asian and Pacific Islander communities ¿ particularly A&PIs living with, or at-risk for, HIV/AIDS.

Black Women's Health

This is an informative and interactive web site dedicated to promoting the physical, mental and spiritual wellness of todays African American woman. With so many stressors in today's hectic and fast-paced world, it is important to have a web site were you can go to "breathe" and nourish your mind, body and soul.

Lesbian Health

LHRC is dedicated to improving the health of lesbians, bisexual women, transgender people, and our families. To achieve this goal, we create comprehensive programs of research, education and trainings, public events and community collaborations.

My Sistahs

This is a site created and maintained by and for women of color to provide information and offer support on sexual and reproductive health issues through education and advocacy. Includes a variety of resources on relationship, sex, and body issues.

National Women's Health Resource Center
NWHRC is a physician approved online data base. It has an online data base with the most up to date information on over 100 conditions, diseases and women's health issues.

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