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Women of Color


Black Girl International
This site is intended to give black women the opportunity to see World Wide Web pages devoted to, written about, and written by them. Here you'll find the uplifting, the empowering, the thought-provoking, and even occasionally the controversial. The only criterion for inclusion on these pages is that the content is about black women, contains content of particular importance to black women, or that the authors are black women.


Indigenous Women's Network
In the process of promoting self-determination, IWN supports public education and advocacy for the revitalization of our languages and culture, elimination of all forms of oppression, the attainment of self-sufficiency, and the protection of Mother Earth for future generations. In our vision of rebuilding sustainable Indigenous communities, IWN along with her Indigenous sisters internationally focuses on what we commonly believe are the inherent rights of Indigenous peoples.

Isis International

A feminist NGO committed to creating spaces within information and communications structures and systems, that promote the many voices of women, particularly those from the South. Isis believes women’s access and capacity to participate in generating and disseminating their own knowledge and experiences through various mediums of communication can lead to transformation of society. Isis is likewise committed to challenge inequities, stereotypes and cultural and political homogenisation furthered by globalised media that hamper the realisation of a more just, sustainable and humane world.


Resources for and about Muslim women

Latinitas is a non-profit organization focused on informing, entertaining, and inspiring young Latinas to grow into healthy, confident, and successful Latinas.OUR MISSION: To empower Latina youth through media and technology.OUR VISION: That all Latinas are Strong and Confident in Their Image.

Making Face, Making Soul

A Chicana Feminist website


MANA, A National Latina Organization, was founded in 1974 as the Mexican-American Women's National Association. MANA's original intent was to provide a voice for Mexican-American women at the national, state and local levels. Since then, the organization has expanded into a diverse group of Latinas in all areas of political, social and professional fields.

Muslim Women's League

The Muslim Women's League is a non-profit Muslim American organization working to implement the values of Islam and thereby reclaim the status of women as free, equal and vital contributors to society.

Online Women in Politics

Asia Pacific online network of women in politics, governance and transformative leadership. 

Younger Women's Task Force

A project of the National Council of Women’s Organizations, is a nationwide, diverse and inclusive grassroots movement dedicated to organizing younger women and their allies to take action on issues that matter most to them.

Young women are rarely given the opportunity to speak on their own behalf on issues that affect their lives and futures. Feministing provides a platform for us to comment, analyze and influence.


Revolutionary Association for Women in Afganistan (RAWA) is the oldest political/social organization of Afghan women struggling for peace, freedom, democracy and women's rights in fundamentalism-blighted Afghanistan since 1977.


The South Asian Women's Network

Women of Color Resource Center
The Women of Color Resource Center (WCRC) promotes the political, economic, social and cultural well being of women and girls of color in the United States. Informed by a social justice perspective that takes into account the status of women internationally, WCRC is committed to organizing and educating women of color across lines of race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, class, sexual orientation, physical ability and age.
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