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Tukwut Parents

As a CSUSM student and parent, you have many responsibilities. The Gender Equity Center is here to support you.

Lactation Room

The Gender Equity Center, located in Commons 203, has a private room available for all mothers to pump or nurse during the day.  We also have a refrigerator to safely store pumped milk until it's time to go home. The lactation room is available for students, staff, and faculty use.


  • We have numerous magazines and books on the topic of mothering, which can be checked out from the Gender Equity Center. For community resources, go to our parenting links page.
  • Know Your Rights! If you are a pregnant or parenting student, you should know that under Title IX, your professors have an obligation to provide you with accomodations to make up work missed due to parenting or pregnancy issues.


Sometimes student parents need extra support or assistance as students. The Gender Equity Center can help you to navigate the CSUSM system, and provide you with advocacy to get the support you need. Examples might include:

  • Missing classes or on-campus jobs due to sick children or childcare related emergencies.
  • Taking a temporary leave of school to bond with a new baby.
  • Bringing a nursing baby to class.
  • Getting extensions for class assignments due to childcare.

To find out more call us at 760.750.4988.

Stay connected to the Gender Equity Center!

Phone: 760.750.4988

Email: genderequity@csusm.edu

Website: www.csusm.edu/geneq 

Location: Commons 203

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