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Outstanding GEW Student of the Month

November 2014 - Ashley Velazquez

Picture of Ashley

Professor Mecucci Springer: Tell me a little about yourself.

Ashley: My name is Ashley Velazquez. Before I attended CSUSM, I attended CSULA.

Professor Mecucci Springer: What made you transfer to this university?

Ashley: This school is much better for the major I want, which is Criminal Justice. I didn’t like the location of that school, anyway.

Professor Mecucci Springer: Why are you a Criminal Justice major?

Ashley: I had an internship with the YMCA called Youth and Government. We spent a week in Sacramento working at the capital. We’d work from 5 am to 5 pm. I worked on a mock trial as an attorney.

Professor Mecucci Springer: That’s really interesting. Do you want to be an attorney?

Ashley: Yes, I want to be a criminal justice attorney. I’ve always been interested in politics and laws, even laws in other countries. I like seeing how they’re different from laws here in the US. This is just something I’ve always been interested in.

Professor Mecucci Springer: So how do you think GEW is helping prepare you for this major and your future career?

Ashley: In GEW we’d have to dig deep with research, and we’ve had to stay organized when writing. I know I’ll have to present my information when I’m an attorney, and I know I’ll have to present it in an organized way, so this is helping me prepare for that.

Professor Mecucci Springer: What do you most enjoy about GEW?

Ashley: I honestly enjoy writing. I always, however, have problems with my organization because I have too many ideas and go in different directions when writing.

Professor Mecucci Springer: What is your favorite thing to do in GEW:

Ashley: My favorite thing is group work in class. Last week, we watched a video on Scooby-Doo, and then we analyzed it in groups, and it was crazy to see how different we can view something so many years later. We talked about how everything, specifically in advertisements, even every color, can have meaning we don’t usually see.

Professor Mecucci Springer: Would you like to share anything else?

Ashley: I’ve studied piano for 10 years, and everyone thought that would be my major, but it isn’t.

Professor Mecucci Springer: Thank you for meeting with me, Ashley, and congratulations on being Outstanding GEW Student of the Month!

Ashley: Thank you!