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Outstanding GEW Student of the Month

December 2013 - Drew

Picture of Drew

Drew, a student in Ray Morris' GEW 101 class, was born and raised in the Encinitas area.  Despite his family's close proximity, Drew lives in the dorms on campus.  He says it is nice to have the independence of living away from home; however, he does admit it is nice to be able to drive home on the weekends to see his family if he wants.  Drew is a Communication major and would like to be an ESPN analyst someday.  His desire to be a sports analyst comes out of his deep love of sports.  Although he loves watching all sports, his first love his baseball.  “I like to follow baseball players, teams, and statistics.  I love watching sports.  I'll even watch the [CSUSM baseball] team's practice games.”

What does Drew like best about GEW?  “I like all the different topics and I like how [Professor Morris] let's us choose what we want to write about.”  Even though writing has always been challenging for Drew due to his Dyslexia, he says he understands the importance of learning written communication.  “As an analyst, I am sure I will be doing a lot of writing.”  Despite the challenges, he says, “I push through.  I don't let it hold me back or I won't go forward.  I learn strategies to overcome.” 

What has he learned so far about writing in GEW?  Drew says he has learned a lot about the process of writing, and he can see the improvements in his writing already.  Not only does he understand the process better, he also added, “Thesis statements are huge!”  He mentions how his writing will help him in his oral communication as well.