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Outstanding GEW Student of the Month

October 2016 - Jenna Burton

Photo of student of the month: Jenna Burton

The GEW Student of the Month for October 2016 is Jenna Burton. Interview conducted by Evan Smith

Tell me a bit about you, your background and interests.

I was born and raised in Orange County. I chose CSUSM because it is the best school for my major and I wanted to be close to family. I am able to go back some weekends and for the holidays.  As for interests, I played soccer and ran track in high school. I don’t play sports here, but I still like to stay active. I am really into working out. I like to shop too! Really, though, I like fashion and makeup. The glamour behind it all is what fascinates me. I didn’t pursue that as a career because if you don’t make it big in fashion… well, you don’t make it.

What is your major?

I’m in the nursing program.

Why did you choose nursing?

It suits me. I have a big heart like mom and always want to help people. It helps that learning about anatomy and biology has always interested me. Once I graduate, I would like to be a surgical nurse because it provides a unique opportunity to work with a surgeon, and I like the idea of a team environment in the operating room.

You like Grey’s Anatomy?

I love it! It’s my favorite.

Are you going to stick around and be a surgical nurse in the area?

Once I graduate--hopefully in four years, but that all depends on how impacted the program is--I hope to go to New York City. I love the fast pace lifestyle, diversity, and high rises. I want to make a life there.

What contributes to your success as a student writer?

My fear of failing and having positive role models in my life. I can’t procrastinate. I turn into a scary person when I do. My older sister has always had a strong work ethic that I look up to. I start working on assignments immediately because I know in order for me to write a good paper, it is going to take more than two nights. It is going to take at least two weeks to put everything I can into it!  

Does anyone help you?

I go to The Writing Center and my professors office hours. My dad and sister sometimes proofread my work, mostly grammar. But I don’t need their help as much. They tend to catch some of my more stubborn patterns of error, like how I switch my tenses.

What do you like about GEW?

I enjoy my professor. He makes writing fun and you can tell he is very passionate about what he is teaching. He encourages us to take risks and will spend a lot of time with me in office hours. He will tell me my strengths as a writer. Some people focus on just the weaknesses, so it’s nice to know what I am doing well.

What so far is your favorite lesson?

My favorite piece of curriculum learning so far this semester would be learning about rhetorical appeals. Aristotle argued that the three elements to the art of persuasion are ethos, pathos, and logos. These devices help the writer appeal to their audience. I enjoyed learning about this because it helped me as writer make my argument stronger.

Any advice for future GEW students?

Stay on top of your school work and avoid procrastination. Take advantage of office hours because they are really beneficial and allow you to bond with your professors.

Anything you would like to add?

I really enjoy this school! There are a lot of friendly people here. And I love all of my professors, so that makes the transition easier.