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Outstanding GEW Student of the Month

September 2016 - Micah Ramos

micahr student



  • Tell me about yourself

 I am really into art. I have always loved it. I was born in the Coachella valley (specifically Palm Desert). My dad is Filipino and my mom is German, so growing up with that background presented a lot of diversity when it came to holidays and traditions. There were a lot of issues with my family, so art allowed me to distract and express myself and eventually I became better in the subject.  I want to make a career out of it.

  •  What kind of art?

 All mediums. I work with 2 dimensional (oil, acrylic, and watercolor), but I also enjoy 3 dimensional arts such as sculpting.

  •  Is there a certain theme to your art?

I am still trying to find my voice. I have taken AP art twice, but I want to broaden my horizon. I am just passionate about the idea of art, but have not found that one thing that I want to pursue.

  •  What is your major?

I am currently a visual arts student, but I am planning on switching to art and technology.

  •  Why did you choose CSUSM?

I didn’t apply to too many schools, but I visited this campus and felt a connection with the area. I also like how it isn’t too broad of a school (like SDSU)—it feels more homely.

  •  What’s the goal after you graduate?

I have been looking into animation a lot. So I might try to get an internship somewhere involving that. My goal, ever since I was little, is to work with Disney or Pixar, but anything involving art that makes a good career (salary wise). However, I am keeping my options open.

  •  What have you learned in GEW that will help you with that goal?

It has taught me how to address people when looking for a career in the future, and improved my syntax. If I am going to be producing a lot of creative scripts and plotlines, I am going to have to choose my words carefully.

  •  What do you like about writing?

I have always liked English, and GEW is a continuation of that. I have already learned new techniques in my writing.  I read a lot, so I know words are powerful in a sense and I admire a lot of great writers; I may not get to that point, but it’s good to understand the context.  In high school, one of my teachers saw potential in me and really pushed me through the course. That teacher made me more passionate for writing and reading.

  •   What is one piece of advice you would like to give future students?

Don’t think you have to have your career planned out. Don’t procrastinate. Take college seriously, even if you’re not sure you want to pursue whatever class you’re in—it will catch up with you in the future.