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Student Highlights

Outstanding GEW Student of the Month

April 2017


The GEW Student of the Month for April 2017 is William Guzman. Interview conducted by Jayne Braman.

A local to CSUSM, William grew up in Encinitas where he continues to surf and hangout with good friends.  He enjoys Encinitas because of its laid back vibe and local charm.  While he sees many changes taking place in his community, it’s still home.

As a Freshman, William was surprised by the transition from high school to college.  He likes the freedom of college life, but he warns incoming students that exercising too much freedom can lead to problems.  He knows of which he speaks, so he says.  The fast pace of college coursework doesn’t allow much freedom without sacrifices; therefore, William is perfecting the art of time management this semester.

Regarding his GEW course, William said he is doing well, and that “Professor Morrow is amazing and is very dedicated towards her profession and helping students to learn.” He enjoys his class environment and is improving his writing.  He has set a goal to do his best in GEW with the help of his professor.  William said that he doesn’t have a favorite part about the class, but he enjoys every day that he’s in class.  In William’s words, “I love professor Morrow's energy and how she ties everything we're learning to our everyday lives. I look at every class session as an opportunity to learn something new and improve.”   

In turn, Professor Morrow credits William’s persistence and dedication to his education for his success.  She notices that “he is focused in every class session,” and she has “no doubts that his hard work will take him far,” stating, “I am excited to see the wonderful opportunities that are sure to come his way.”

William believes that his motivation to succeed was instilled in him as a high school soccer player, which he says gave him discipline for working through difficult situations.  As well, he is grateful for the support of his family.  He is inspired by his three older sisters, all of who either went to college or are still attending college.  They pushed him through high school to prepare him for the challenges he will face.  They believe in his potential and have been good role models for him.  William also has a cousin who is like a brother and who recently graduated from CSUSM with a degree in human development and physical therapy.  While William is undecided about his major, he is taking pre-business courses and likes the flexibility within the business field. William is motivated to follow in their footsteps and to make his family proud of him.

Besides his academic studies, William is also a member of North Coast Fellowship in Solana Beach where he takes bible study classes.  A former AVID member in high school, he is now a participant in EOPS.  Additionally, in order to work off his favorite foods of pizza and chocolate cake, William has a membership at the YMCA.  An open minded individual, William likes to try new things and says he is a “down to earth” guy.