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Faculty are vital to CSUSM’s development efforts and Jennifer Handy, director of corporate and foundation relations, wants the campus to know that University Advancement (UA) is here to help anyone with a viable project or proposal to secure private support.

“We are here to talk out ideas and work with faculty every step of the way,” she said.

The staff in UA understands that development can be confusing for those who are new to fundraising. In an effort to remove some of the mystery and reacquaint faculty with Advancement’s mission, staff, resources and services, Vice President Neal Hoss and several of the division’s directors of development attended 20 faculty department meetings across all four colleges in spring and fall semesters.

As a follow-up to those visits, Handy organized two workshops—one in October and one in November—to help faculty who were interested in searching for, applying for and obtaining private funding.

“Approximately a dozen faculty attended,” said Handy. “It was very interactive—the faculty had great questions and ideas for projects.”

Acquiring private funding is a multi-step process that includes identifying potential partners and donors, growing these relationships, asking for funding support, and maintaining communication through reporting and continued interaction.

“Garnering private support begins with building a relationship with a potential funder,” Handy said. “Sometimes we already have a relationship established with a donor that would be a good fit and other times we have to start from square one.”

For those who missed the workshops and are interested in learning about where to begin with securing private funding, how to fill out a fundraising request form and more, contact Jennifer Handy at 760-750-7703 or jhandy@csusm. 

You may also contact your development liaison:

Athletics: Sean Briner ( / ext. 4404)

CHABSS / Kellogg Library: Greg Anglea ( / ext. 4082)

CoBA / Centers:  Kelly Briggs ( / ext. 4402)

CoEHHS: Jennifer Handy ( / ext. 7303)

CSM: Jocelyn Wyndham ( / ext. 7304)

Extended Learning: Suzanne Lingold ( / ext. 4002)

Student Affairs: Lori Brockett ( / ext. 4405)

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